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Set up account
To set up an account we will ask you to enter basic information including your name, home/business address, phone and e-mail address. You will then be asked to create a Username and Password. You will need this Username and Password to log in each time.

Select Pick Up day
This will be your "default" pick up day. If you don't want the same day and time each week, or want to order more or less often than once a week, simply select a new pick up option each time you order. 

Start shopping
It takes most customers about an hour to compile their first order, but it gets a lot faster each time you shop. The fastest way to shop is to have a shopping list ready and simply type keywords for each item, such as "organic milk," into our Search box. On our home page you'll find links to our weekly specials, new products, and much more. Features like your Previously Purchased List and Custom Shopping Lists cut future shopping time dramatically. See our Shopping Tips for info on these and other ways to shop faster.

A word about our Grocery Store

Browsing through our "Grocery Store" is a good way to get familiar with the depth and breadth of our selection, or to see everything we carry in a certain category. But because we sell over 12,000 items, browsing can be overwhelming for a first-time shopper. (If you've ever wandered around an unfamiliar grocery store trying to find something, you know what we mean!)

The best advice we can give you is to use the power of the Internet to make grocery shopping more efficient. You don't have to stroll down every aisle to find what you need — you can use today's powerful e-commerce tools, like our helpful Search function, to jump from asparagus to yogurt in seconds. Or use one of our nutritional filters to see all low-cal ice creams in one click. Once you get used to grocery shopping this way, you'll never go back!

We cannot offer all the items that are available in the store for purchase online. The website inventory is a broad selection of the frequently purchased products. If there is a particular product you would like to be able to purchase online please submit a New Product Request form located on the FAQ homepage. 

Ordering deadline
The ordering deadline is 4 hours before your selected pick up time. Log in to see what pick up times are available to you.

Pick Up
There are parking spaces at the front of the store designated for In-Store Pick Up. Once you park an attendant will come out to assist you. Your order is ready to pick up for the time you select.

If you have any problems with your order, such as missing, incorrect or damaged items, we guarantee 100% satisfaction. Call Customer Relations immediately, toll-free at (844) 414-7467 and they will provide a timely solution. 

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